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Positively Wellington

on a grey and blustery day, the fruit and veg market on Ghuznee street is a feast of colour and sound. Every Saturday in Newtown and Sundays here in Te Aro, the markets provide basic groceries to thousands of Wellingtonians.. … Continue reading

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Blue and green and red and brown

The. Native fuchsia of New Zealand has blue pollen. How astonishingly cool is that? I learnt this amazing fact on our visit to Zealandia on Saturday. This is an amazing place and everyone who visits or lives in Wellington should … Continue reading

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Windy Wellington is strutting its stuff

The wind is billowing and blowing around the windows, loud in the silence.  Flights between Christchurch and Wellington were full today, with white knuckles on runways and as we were buffeted by the gale howling across the Kaikoura ranges.  Tonight … Continue reading

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Are there triceps hiding inside those wings?

Burning bingo wings/trembling triceps.  My breath is harsh and sweat is dripping in my eyes.  Nine.  Pant.  Ten.  Wince.  Eleven.  Wimper.  Twelve. Oh the relief.  I am pressing two thirds of what I was managing three months ago.  Half of what … Continue reading

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Creaking Birds

Flax heads hang, seedless, along my path to work.  Spring has melted into summer.  The tui no longer cry and creak, fighting for the best food, fearless of mere humans walking by.  Now tiny sparrows hop for chaff and crumbs, … Continue reading

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icon (εἰκών)/vanity (καθομιλουμένη)

‘Icon‘ is one of the most overused terms in 21st century English.  Bands, buildings, comedians.  You name it, someone somewhere has labelled it iconic. Of course, for anyone in the place-making business, ‘icons’ are themselves iconised by Gehry’s Bilbao Museum.  Everybody wants … Continue reading

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Dusty rose bellies and bright green wings rise, shrieking, from the drying grass and flue low across the Parramatta River, colour shocking my eyes. This picture of a Galah, which I think are the birds we saw, is by Joanne … Continue reading

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Jigsaw bark

Trees burst forth from their bark, shedding long snakeskins, newborn white trunks scattering summer. This is the first (posted) small stone for January 2013.  I did start on 1 January but had problems with internet access while we were celebrating … Continue reading

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