Round Britain 17: plastics, the sea and me

fullsizeoutput_1698On 5 August I am heading to Plymouth and on Monday I join the clipper yacht Sea Dragon. With an all-women crew I will be sailing all the way around Britain, collecting data about plastic pollution in our coastal waters.

The picture is Sea Dragon in Martinique. I’m not sure we will see much sea and sky like that on this trip.

We are starting from Plymouth because it is home to one of the premier oceanographic research institutions. From there we come to Cardiff, my home. (So in fact I will be away for four days and back for two before heading off again.)  Then it is Belfast, Arran, Stornaway, Edinburgh, London and back to Plymouth.  All the way we will be collecting samples, tracking marine debris and participating in some dozen research projects, Much of the research is for Universities, government bodies and independent research bodies in the US and UK, and the whole programme is led by a US geological scientist. All the data will eventually be available publicly as well.

At each stop, we are holding events about the mission. Here is Cardiff, on 10 and 11 August we will have a big litter pick in the Bay, an Open Mic Storytelling Event, a press reception, a children’s science event at Techniquest and of course boat tours. (If I am a bit late putting this page up, that list is part of the explanation!)

Please come along to everything if you are in any of the cities we visit. We are also being filmed on board for a Sky documentary so you’ll hear plenty about it there too.

Some people know that last year I went to Antarctica and across the Atlantic on the tall ship Europa, and I created a site and blog about it. This year, I am using this site, which is my own occasional blog, and the joys of Facebook and Twitter to talk about the trip, post photographs, and generally share the experience.  Please follow along.