Are there triceps hiding inside those wings?

Burning bingo wings/trembling triceps.  My breath is harsh and sweat is dripping in my eyes.  Nine.  Pant.  Ten.  Wince.  Eleven.  Wimper.  Twelve. Oh the relief.  I am pressing two thirds of what I was managing three months ago.  Half of what I was doing two years ago.  I am back in the gym.  

2012 was a bad year for me fitness wise.  Lots of apparently minor problems that knocked me off any exercise routine.  A tooth abcess.  (You try jogging in freezing weather when an increased heart rate is agony.)  A badly dislocated finger.  Sprained ankles.  The bad fall that gave me cellulitis on my shin.

Now I’m trying to get into shape for sailing.  A bit of cardio.  Upper body strength.  It’s not a lot to ask.

I looked for a picture but it was either Michele O, Madonna or some other eye candy that is so not me.  So instead, hop on over to my cyber cruising pals Michael and Rebecca at and click on their Shipshape page – be sure to watch the video.  I am not so much not in their league as playing another game in a different park, but I so agree with them that the mere life of cruising does not keep you fit.  (And maybe I will get that TRX this year.)

About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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2 Responses to Are there triceps hiding inside those wings?

  1. Mike Sweeney says:

    Thanks very much for the plug, Sarah! We really appreciate it.

    For those who are also interested in fitness while on the move, be sure you check out Rebecca’s blog:


  2. Well written article. It will be helpful to anybody, including me.
    Continue the good work. I cannot wait to read more posts.

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