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Kindle kisses

I got one and it’s fab. That’s all I need to say really but let’s hear a bit more.  I’ve wanted an e.reader for a while, not least because I’m a (bit of a) geek.  After a lot of pondering … Continue reading

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Libraries in the digital age

The future of the public lending library is hot news.  The sleepier corners of quiet suburban streets play host to government ministers and fervid journalists arguing that the onslaught on these minor temples of literacy must be stopped.   Heckling protestors … Continue reading

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Human Planet: must do better.

Human Planet is a hunting film, about men killing animals in dangerous and exotic ways.  There’s an interest in that, watching someone spear fish 20m down, using one breath for a three minute hunt.  Or the appalling dangers faced by … Continue reading

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Looking up now.

It’s been a mixed start to 2011. The flu (see last post, by some grumpy old woman who took possession of my laptop for a few days) still lingers on. Both of us are mainlining linctus and painkillers, while I … Continue reading

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