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Silence on Restronguet Creek

The cormorant splashes as she takes ungainly steps across the creek surface and then flies, yellow beak extended, less than a metre above the water. The drips from her feet are tiny stepping stones. Air whispers to me from her … Continue reading

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Experimenting for speed

It’s about 1050 nautical miles from Valletta to Gibraltar if you go via Ibiza. I wrote about the wonderful sail we had when we decided to head to the Balearics. On the way to the Pillars of Hercules I learnt … Continue reading

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Throw up and carry on

I get seasick. Not just a little nauseous, but aggressively, stomach-emptyingly, endlessly sick. I can be seasick in a puddle. Over several thousand sea miles I can grade key trips by their vomit quotient. Top of the list remains Sines … Continue reading

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Moonshadows and mistakes

The gentle northerly breeze has made a little swell, maybe 10 centimetre high waves rolling with heartbeat regularity through silky black water. Each rise  heels theboat a little so that the wake rippling down her hull is punctuated as if by … Continue reading

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Are there triceps hiding inside those wings?

Burning bingo wings/trembling triceps.  My breath is harsh and sweat is dripping in my eyes.  Nine.  Pant.  Ten.  Wince.  Eleven.  Wimper.  Twelve. Oh the relief.  I am pressing two thirds of what I was managing three months ago.  Half of what … Continue reading

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This is Illyria, Lady: A short history of the Adriatic

The stretch of sea that reaches, like the long neck of a bottle, from the Ionian to the foot of the Alps has been long overdue for its own narrative.  Everyone, it seems, has dipped a toe in its waters. … Continue reading

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Giglio and GPS

Isola Giglio is small, but it’s not that small.  We have sailed from there south to Giannutri and Cittavecchia.  We’ve sailed north past it from Rome to Elba.  You can see a picture of tiny Giglio harbour on our travel … Continue reading

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Riding seaward on the waves

The wind-farm on the Gunfleet Sands was built after we sailed south in 2006.   The beautiful turbines stand sentinel along the northernmost rib of the Thames Estuary, turning gently.   Under the lowering sky and peeping sun they wave as if … Continue reading

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Good stories please

Jimmy Cornell is one of the great figures of long distance cruising.  He first sailed away with wife and two small children in the mid-’70’s and has done three and half circumnavigations since, plus some stunning high-latitude voyages.  His books, … Continue reading

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