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I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.

Free speech, Johnson, Bannon and opposing the new normal

Johnson is not a court jester. He is a senior politician with naked ambitions to lead and represent us all. He should be seeking healing and unity, not fostering division by likening British citizens to street furniture and criminals. I do not want an entertainer in No. 10, but a statesman. Continue reading

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Self-ID, human rights and definitions

Introduction This is my response to a couple of discussions I have been having elsewhere about the impact of gender self-identification in the UK. These debates were provoked by Janice Turner’s article on transgender politics (full text in the first … Continue reading

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In praise of the compromised, the partial and the temporary

We who care about the health of the planet, social justice and combatting poverty, live in a time of betrayal and rage. There is no need to rehearse yet again the manifest lunacy of Brexit, Trump and the rising tide … Continue reading

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Bridges down for #exxpeditionroundbritain

Sea Dragon has finished her traverse of the Caledonian Canal. It was (as expected) spectacularly beautiful, with the mountains reaching up around us. The route illustrates the profound language of landscape: the landskein of sillouhetted mountains, the ffird of mosaiced … Continue reading

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Hunting for plastic with #exxpeditionroundbritain

We have four missions on Sea Dragon: raising awareness about pollution, empowering women, creating strong networks and champions for environmental advocacy – and of course collecting data about plastic in our waters. There are several research institutes and universities for … Continue reading

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#exxpeditionroundbritain does Force 8

We pulled away from the quay in Belfast prompt at 0800 yesterday, Wednesday, on a quiet, still morning. Out on the Lough the clouds capped the green, green hills and the wind was ruffling the surface. Out of the channel … Continue reading

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Cardiff Bay to Belfast Lough 

We are entering Belfast Lough. It’s been a mixture of weather over the last two days. Once we left the sandy shallows of Cardiff – six hours late thanks to the eel – the weather has blown up to a … Continue reading

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I took the train to Plymouth on Sunday, and had a great conversation with a new friend on the way.  The space between Totnes and Plymouth feels like the last moment of calm. I can’t wait for a night watch! … Continue reading

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Getting ready (at last)

Five days to go before I leave to sail Round Britain. It’s all about pollution. Continue reading

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Flight between capitals

The curving, erratic boundaries of English fields were laid down by centuries of strip-farming, irrigation or plague, Enclosure and the machine-demands of agri-business. Continue reading

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