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NYE? Yeah, whatevver!

New Year’s Eve.  Let me tell the rosary of lessons unlearnt, of repeated mistakes, the ambitions unachieved.  What didn’t get done in 2010?  And what will I promise, but fail to deliver during 2011? New Year’s Eve is always presented … Continue reading

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It’s who you know

Which fifteen fictional characters have influenced you most?  Not just the ones you love, but who changed you?  As a writer, a reader, as a person.  As an adult, or from childhood. This question is floating around the net right … Continue reading

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Riding seaward on the waves

The wind-farm on the Gunfleet Sands was built after we sailed south in 2006.   The beautiful turbines stand sentinel along the northernmost rib of the Thames Estuary, turning gently.   Under the lowering sky and peeping sun they wave as if … Continue reading

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Kissing with precision

Baroque, I’ve been called.  By an ex-girlfriend just before she became ex, I admit, but the taunt stuck.  There’s truth in it.  I can be long-winded, and over-complicate issues.  It wasn’t a straightforward relationship either, but that’s another story. Strunk … Continue reading

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Oh, those games!  Christine Kling  at writeonthewater just did a good post on distractions.  Of which one was Wordle.  Well, it didn’t take long (honest, guv!) but I couldn’t resist generating this word cloud from some of the key names and … Continue reading

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