Looking up now.

It’s been a mixed start to 2011. The flu (see last post, by some grumpy old woman who took possession of my laptop for a few days) still lingers on. Both of us are mainlining linctus and painkillers, while I have a dreadful cough. But, hey, the days are perceptibly longer already. We just walked back from the marina at 1620 and it was still light!

In the spirit of positivity, I realise that despite the lurgy, I have got a fair bit started. Not the least of it is two new contracts for management and consultancy – one in London and one in Cambridge. They offer quite a bit of train time, but the next three months are going to be pretty busy.

The next project is Women of the Wind. That’s my working title for a themed collection of short stories, fictionalising the lives of women who went to sea under sail. Paintapu, the Polynesian navigator, was first, and her story is here. Next up is William Brown, the mysterious black woman who told her story to the London Chronicle in 1815, while she claimed her prizes from the Admiralty for years of service in the Royal Navy. The research has started on Jeanne Baret, the French botanist who sailed with Bougainville, and is the first woman documented to sail around the world.

Our local writing group has re-formed as well, with an emphasis on staying small and select, and focussing on completing projects in 2011. I’ve really missed some critique from other writers, and welcomed the feedback from my lovely beta readers, so I’m looking forward to our meetings.

I have a tendency to beat my myself up for not doing things, including writing a scintillating and insightful blog every day. This is a post to remind me and you that sometimes, stuff is getting done, and that’s good.

About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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2 Responses to Looking up now.

  1. John Huth says:

    You might want to look up Ernest Sabatier’s description of “Paintapu”. In his book “Astride the Equator,” it’s related as “Baintabu”. The recent version of “Paintapu” comes from David Lewis’ book, “We the Navigators”. I think David, in his haste, may have copied the name incorrectly from Sabatier. He also gets some of the details wrong, when compared with Sabatier’s, which I consider to be much closer to the original.

    • Hi there and thanks for your comment. I’ve read Sabatier and Lewis, and suspect both betray biases which are impossible to untangle now. For me, one of the challenges is thinking about how such a woman would tell her own story, and on the end, of course, it’s fiction.

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