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I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my other websites to find out more.

Stars In My Eyes: Words & Women in Norwich

Me:  writer new to Norwich, looking for congenial groups and opportunities to learn.Words and Women Norwich: supports and promotes women writers living and working in the East of England today.  How excellent is that?  I joined up and reserved Sunday … Continue reading

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On the reopening of Penarth Pier

Piers are storied, blurred by association and half-remembered scraps of history, no two the same but all sharing essential qualities of function and form, water and linearity, functional structures with froth on top. Long jetties or working wharves for ferries … Continue reading

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Saxon’s Bane – a slice of England

Saxon’s Bane, by my pal Geoffrey Gudgion, will be released on 12th Sept in the UK and 27th August in the USA by Solaris Books, an imprint of Rebellion.  You heard it here first: read and enjoy. I was lucky enough to get … Continue reading

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Falmouth, Cornwall

Falmouth is extraordinarily picturesque as seen from my cockpit here in the visitors’ haven in the centre of town. I can see the curve of the Maritime Museum, the swoop of the hills on the far side of Penryn Creek … Continue reading

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Every now and then someone asks on line what makes you put down a book without finishing it. I’m in the more unusual position of finding myself finishing a book that is driving me to drink with irritation. Jonathan Franzen’s … Continue reading

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Silence on Restronguet Creek

The cormorant splashes as she takes ungainly steps across the creek surface and then flies, yellow beak extended, less than a metre above the water. The drips from her feet are tiny stepping stones. Air whispers to me from her … Continue reading

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Throwing shapes for the invisible record: f&d cartier in Penarth

f&d cartier are a Swiss duo working together as one artist. Their medium is photographic paper – without the camera. The excellent Ffotogallery in Penarth is showing Wait and See, a retrospective of their work encompassing three projects, until 27 July. f&d … Continue reading

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Experimenting for speed

It’s about 1050 nautical miles from Valletta to Gibraltar if you go via Ibiza. I wrote about the wonderful sail we had when we decided to head to the Balearics. On the way to the Pillars of Hercules I learnt … Continue reading

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Throw up and carry on

I get seasick. Not just a little nauseous, but aggressively, stomach-emptyingly, endlessly sick. I can be seasick in a puddle. Over several thousand sea miles I can grade key trips by their vomit quotient. Top of the list remains Sines … Continue reading

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Moonshadows and mistakes

The gentle northerly breeze has made a little swell, maybe 10 centimetre high waves rolling with heartbeat regularity through silky black water. Each rise  heels theboat a little so that the wake rippling down her hull is punctuated as if by … Continue reading

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