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I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.

Castle/home: Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn to George Herbert, the Princes of Powis

Powis castle sits proud on its hill, looking east to England, and in every other direction surveying Wales. Its red-brick, elegant fenestration and statued courtyards belie its early history as a defensive castle for the Welsh borders. The gatehouse is … Continue reading

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Giants lived in Mwnt: how the coastal path was made

Giants lived in Mwnt. They were long-lived and clean limbed and very tall, though they built small with doors more fat and wide. It made them safe, they felt, from the sea-monsters and storms of the Irish Sea. There were … Continue reading

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Busking for death money: @MRBrown_author

My pal Melissa Brown is doing a great job fundraising for her first novel, Becoming Death. I’ve read the first chapter and I want to see it all please. She’s using Kickstarter and I offered to host a blog for … Continue reading

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Dykes, broads and carrs: the meaning of English

Wake. Wash. Broad, carr and navigation. My personal, ambiguous favourite, dyke. Words with multiple meanings, complex etymology, a storied history. Such words are intimately associated with the intermingling of land and water, with places of the borderline, places where identity is … Continue reading

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Ghosts older than war: a walk in Norfolk woods

Any walk, well-taken, is full of hints and echoes, whispers if what was and what might be. The woods of Stow Bedon and Brecks of Thompson Common are hardly on the wild side, yet I walked for over two hours … Continue reading

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Unassisted dying, Parkinsons and cruel myths: #yesuntiltheend

Myth number 1: you don’t die of Parkinson’s. Website after medical article after clinician will tell you it’s not terminal. And most people, it seems, don’t. They die of complications after a fall (all too common as the disease destroys … Continue reading

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December: Dusk

Delighted to shout out about this on the lovely site ink sweat & tears

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@BBCr4Today replies to my complaint about Lawson

Ceri Thomas is the august Head of Programmes at BBC News.  He has said, in reply to my letter: The BBC is committed to impartial and balanced coverage of climate change. Furthermore we accept that there is broad scientific agreement … Continue reading

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“BBCr4Today: Lawson is from Lala Land.

This is an open letter to Jamie Angus, Editor of Radio 4’s Today programme.  I am grateful to Rob Hopkins at Transition Towns, who wrote a letter yesterday with many relevant points I have plagiarised. Basically: the BBC should not … Continue reading

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Love [wherever]

My article about travelling in India, entitled Homecoming is accompanied by this lovely artwork from Margeurite Dabaie.   They are both in the very beautiful magazine [wherever], an American literary creation.  They newly launched last year in print, which is a very … Continue reading

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