Getting ready (at last)

On Sunday (this Sunday – eek) I am leaving my beloved flat in Penarth to head to Plymouth and once more step afloat. This is rather different from last year’s adventure (see that site here), not least because we are not planning on leaving the UK.  You can see more about this voyage at my intro page on this site, and on the mission site too. There’s even my FB page about it at plastic, the sea and me.

Another big difference is that I have been super-busy right up to the last minute on the day job, so preparing a blog and so on has been a slower business. But I’m looking forward to writing about it, posting pictures and talking about the importance of tackling pollution.

You probably know lots about the horrors of plastic already and you’re going to learn more in the coming weeks. So here’s one thought to start with.  That plastic bottle will last 450 years.


About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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