Glass, boats and dreams

Today I had the great good fortune to talk to colleagues who work just beside the great British tea clipper the Cutty Sark.  In 2007, she was swept by fire, nearly destroying this beautiful and historic ship that has graced the dry dock by the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich for years.

Many people have worked hard, and a great deal of money has been spent, not only to return her to her state before the fire, but to make her most accessible and fascinating than before,  She will sit, becalmed, in a sea of glass.  Beneath, visitors can see the hull that allowed her to slice through the oceans, winning glory and profit.

Today, I watched the great sheets of glass being swung into place (using the red crane you can see on the right), manoeuvred with skill and patience by the workers treading carefully on the pieces already in place.  With astonishing speed, one pane after another swung over the glass roof, held only by a large suction clamp, and then slotted into place.  It just worked!

The restored ship is due to open in the next three months.  Check it out.


About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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2 Responses to Glass, boats and dreams

  1. Barb says:

    I sometimes wonder if crane operators were once little kids who loved jigsaw puzzles.

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