The NYE Moment

ImageWe will be back in the Mediterranean soon with blue skies and warm breezes, shedding the grey-induced pallor of 50 degrees North.    More immediately, we’re going for a lovely murder mystery dinner tonight and I don’t expect to grind out any pearls of wisdom till 2012 has been going on for at least twelve hours.

The TV and papers have been full of the extraordinary ecological and economic challenges of 2011.  Is 2012 the year that history takes a sharp swerve off the rails, or has it already happened but the news hasn’t reached us yet?  In the light of it all, from Christchurch and Fukushima to the Horn of Africa and riots in European capitals, my own successes and challenges seem minor.  I am lucky to still be able to whinge about the complaints of the relatively prosperous enjoying life in late stage capitalism.  So I won’t.

My story The Ocean is my Lover is on Ether Books so all of you with iphones and ipads head over there to read it.  Another story, Blessed are the Peacemakers won the winter competition in Snapshots of History which I’m really pleased about.  I had a small stone in Pay Attention: A River of Stones, which you can buy on Amazon.  And I’ve worked hard on more stories about sailing women, so I now have five more (about 40,000 words for those of us who count these things) nearly complete and ready to submit.

I look at how much my writing friends produce and get judgmental about my own production.  For me, though, 2011 has been a full-on year of working full time (time and a half for several months), living in different places and juggling different clients.  I’m pleased to have managed this much.

January will still be busy.  To start reworking my writing muscles, I’m going to take part in Fiona Robyn’s next river of stones challenge, to:

1. Notice something properly every day during January and

 2. Write it down.

They may make it on to here, but I’m not promising!  I hope everyone has a peaceful and productive 2012.


About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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2 Responses to The NYE Moment

  1. Aaaah! A sailing life! It sounds so romantic and exciting, but the reality is that there are challenges and often crises along the way! Interesting thoughts on a possible “swerve” in 2012!

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