Understanding revolution

So The Melkjeven Commitment is just about done.  125,000 words.  Version 10.  (Does this count as enough rewrites?)  I’ve sent it to Penguin for that un-agented submission that just closed.  I’ve even bought the latest W&AYB so I can start with the query letters.

But, wait!  Let’s start looking at the whole indie author thing. On several sites, I’ve found authors saying that they are now earning good money from their Kindle royalties, plus from Smashwords and others.  This isn’t self-publishing any more, they say, but independence.

So, what does it all mean?  I don’t own a kindle, or an ipad.  I have just got an iphone, but, though I love it, the mere idea of reading a novel on it gives me a headache.  My way of understanding this is to unbundle the steps.  I, the author produce the content.  That’s not changed.  Then I find a publisher.  That’s got a whole lot simpler:  Kindle, iBook, Smashwords, Ether.   I do the production. I’m still working on that bit but I see that calibre software is the bees-knees so that’s probably what I’ll try.  And then I have to market it.  That’s where this blog, and learning about all the rating sites and generally talking about writing comes in.

Along with publishing my stories about seafaring women, musing on writing and sharing snippets along the way.

About Sarah Tanburn

I'm a writer, a sailor and a strategic adviser to public organisations. Visit my websites to find out more.
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